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KIXXSOCLEAN was created on a generational legacy of immaculate shoes, resilience, and the concept of putting your best foot forward. You invested in your shoes, and we know you expect to enjoy and reap the maximum benefits from that investment. Also, we have all been there - the disheartening feeling that comes from seeing the center of your outfit succumb to wear and tear. No matter what you wear, a pair of impeccable shoes are the finishing touch to every look. We can relate to the despair of having to buy another pair, and it is from this despair that KIXXSOCLEAN was founded in 2019. We know that your shoes are not just fashionable, they are also functional and cannot always be replaced at the drop of a hat; instead of worrying about replacing your favorite pair of kicks, why not repair? At KIXXSOCLEAN, we expertly repair and restore shoes. With keen attention to detail, KIXX returns shoes to their former glory.

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KIXXSOCLEAN was founded by Micah Smith, who learned how to transform a tattered shoe to its former glory from his grandfather. Micah honed his skills over the years and eventually formed this company. Micah created KIXXSOCLEAN to not only continue the family legacy but also to make every client look and feel like a million bucks, even if they don't have it.

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